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Pastor Johnson

You know Pastor Johnson was the best man I ever met, He had such a good heart..........     She was speaking of my father, the pastor of our church. She wasn't the only person with good things to say that day. One after the other they had gone up in tears and said the nicest things. They told stories of how he'd helped them and their children, of how many children in the community he had put through school, how he had reduced the crime rate in the community by reaching the youth. Someone called him a pillar in the community. They really were gonna miss him...   I wanted so badly to go up there and speak, I wanted to tell them of the pastor Johnson I knew, to tell my own stories of my father, to share some of the many memories I had of him.   I wanted to tell them of when I was five, how my father had come into the room and seen me in one of my moms shoes laughing with my sister, how angry he got, how he had beat me that day till I bled, how the first time I heard the word faggot …


Scene opens
       (Living room , low light)
 James and Ally standing next to a framed picture of Jess . Saying goodbye to guests

James: (face full of sadness) Thank you for coming Jess would really appreciate it. 
Guest1 : you gotta be strong for your daughter. It's what Jess would want .
James : thank you ( how dare you tell me what Jess would want
Guest1: if there's anything you need, any help with ally . I want you to know my door is always open . 
Ally:  Thank you so much . (Escorts guest out ) That was the last person dad. 
James: it's over ?
Ally: I'm gonna make some coffee and clean up a little, do you want some .
James : No I'm just gonna sit here a while. 
Ally: (worried) Dad......... Dad ......... I love you. 
James : (flashes a dry smile)

Jess : you know you have to let me go at some point. I gotta say I love the dress you put me in.
James: it's my favorite you know.Do you remember the day you wore it.
Jess: our wedding you mean ? Of course I remember every mom…


It was February 2007 ten years ago, Sunday afternoon. Mother was making lunch as she usually did Martha was playing in the grass as she did.
    You see Martha was "special" as mother always said, she was different. Brian hated her, he blamed her for father, he looked at her with disgust wondering how someone could be so helpless. He hated the attention she got from mother. It was always Martha needs this and Martha needs that. Brian on the other hand had to care for him self.
  One day they came home, Martha had just been rejected by another special school, mother was crying, money had become an issue, they couldn't afford to pay for special schools again or nannys or doctors, mother had to get a job, Brian couldn't get toys anymore, there were no Christmas mornings and the poor thing did not even know it. She was always happy, always running around and laughing. That day after dinner Brian sat at the window and watched his father go to the car lock it and shoot himse…


Jennifer and Jason are watching a TV show, one of those competition shows that Jason always has an opinion on, "The judges have no talent " just rich douche bags, he says. She always agrees. 
      An ad comes on its one of the #imwithher ads,it says something about creating jobs or something she doesn't pay much attention anymore . You know she's not good for this country Jason begins, how do you mean ? She asks knowing fully what he was gonna say. "BENGHAZI " Jason continues. What about Benghazi ? She asks feigning ignorance . She knows that Jason knows as much about Benghazi as Lindsay Lohan does. She is a fucking liar and she killed some Americans, babe you know you should read the papers more he says . I see she responds. Jason does not know shit about Benghazi, probably doesn't know where it is or that it is a place. It's something he's just heard on the tele  . 
   He's just one of those people who feel they have to be heard,an actual s…


P.D.A. : public display of affection 
   Growing as children in Nigeria , we learnt that P.D.A (kissing affectionately or just being intimate in public) was a bad thing, a sin in fact , that intimacy itself was something to be hidden , done in the bedroom away from the prying eyes 👀 of the public. Being intimate in public was something only the " bad boys " and " bad girls " did. We were all supposed to pretend people did not kiss or have sex , even talking about it made you bad. You know what people were not ashamed to do in public though FIGHT( that's for another time). 
Our parents were careful not to be too intimate in front of their children so they would not spoil us.  SPOILT : a term used to describe a child who knew what a kiss was and that adults slept with each other. I like many African children born before the millennia and the early 2ks have not seen their parents kiss, not because they don't kiss but because as I said they did not want to spoil…


  So "black beauty". I'm not one to talk on the topic of race or racism because I feel sometimes it's overrated, I feel sometimes Africans/blacks take it too seriously, this isn't really a discussion of racism as it is a discussion of race as both parties (black and white ) are guilty of this. 

So I was online browsing and I was looking at some pictures when I saw this picture. Normally I would see something like this and not really be interested, but for some reason I saw this picture today and I thought how wrong. It was a magazine cover ,on it there was a black woman and by her side it said "BLACK BEAUTY". 
This phrase although very generic really is wrong. Now some people would get angry without reading the whole post. 
What I mean , have you ever seen a magazine with a with a white woman on it captioned "WHITE BEAUTY"? We use the phrase like OMG there actually is a beautiful black person, like just get closer and you will see tha…