Thursday, August 11, 2016


Jennifer and Jason are watching a TV show, one of those competition shows that Jason always has an opinion on, "The judges have no talent " just rich douche bags, he says. She always agrees. 
      An ad comes on its one of the #imwithher ads,it says something about creating jobs or something she doesn't pay much attention anymore . You know she's not good for this country Jason begins, how do you mean ? She asks knowing fully what he was gonna say. "BENGHAZI " Jason continues. What about Benghazi ? She asks feigning ignorance . She knows that Jason knows as much about Benghazi as Lindsay Lohan does. She is a fucking liar and she killed some Americans, babe you know you should read the papers more he says . I see she responds. Jason does not know shit about Benghazi, probably doesn't know where it is or that it is a place. It's something he's just heard on the tele  . 
   He's just one of those people who feel they have to be heard,an actual stupid person if you had to categorize him. She told him a few months ago she liked Bernie Sanders and might vote for him and his response was "Bernie Sanders is a fucking HIPPIE" that was it. She asked him who he would vote for and he said no one then proceeded to rant about how the American government was the enemy and how every one was trying to bring down the country. Jason is a tall black man who wears sweaters,khakis and sandals even in the middle of the summer . He wore a pair of glasses he did not need , sat on the porch every morning with a newspaper he never read , Jennifer sometimes thought to herself that he really couldn't read. He believed in conspiracies ; the faked moon landing , Illuminati secretly ruling the world. Jennifer believed that if he was religious he would say Obama was the Anti Christ. How did she get stuck with him ? A baby. She got pregnant at sixteen with their first son and she stayed since then. Now she is forty-three their kids have gone off to college and she was ready to leave too. Through the marriage she had been to divorce lawyers many times but she loved him too much to leave and the children, she couldn't. He was a good father though. He loved his kids and they loved him .
     Tomorrow she has a meeting at nine with a lawyer, she was leaving him this time for real, no kids to stop her. She glances at him, he is still talking about Hillary and how Barack has betrayed Negroes everywhere by endorsing her. She is a damn criminal and should not be allowed to run that's all I'm saying.Don't even get me started on trump he continues. This is one they both agree on at least " the orange fool" this makes her smile. The show comes back on, one of the douche bags is making an old woman cry....

Saturday, November 7, 2015



      The funeral was today . I was expected to show up in front of all those people , cry and look sad while listening to all of them say the same thing over and over , "I'm so sorry for your loss". Sincerely I was not sad , I did not feel like crying and I was not sad . I was angry.
   Is that bad ? I don't care anyway. I am angry at her and angry at God. My sister said it was a stage of grief , screw that I said , I had not gone through any other stage. Why was I angry ? Because We made a promise to each other on our wedding day , we said we were gonna be together forever , this was not forever. We were gonna work hard , have a family , grow old together, then retire and just spend the every moment together. We had a freaking plan, but she gave up. She gave up on our dreams and I think I deserve to be angry.
   When we found out about the cancer , we promised each other we would fight , that whatever it took we were gonna win this thing , we were gonna fight for our dreams . Then two months ago she decides she can't fight anymore , she said if she was gonna die she wanted to go on her own terms and I was supposed to support her , she expected me to be fine with that decision . She said she was doing it for me , that her cancer as she called it was taking over our lives and that we had lost enough already, she said she wanted to remember us good and not the way we were now. Bullshit. She said we have given up too much to the cancer , that  it was killing me too. She said I had lost myself in this fight too and it hurt her to do that to me. She wanted me to be free. She said she was ready to go and I needed to let her. Well I was not ready.
       People say to me " she was a so strong and brave to make a decision like that ".You know what I think. I think she was SELFISH and a coward . Thinking of herself alone and a coward for not wanting to fight. How dare she make that decision for us , no she was not thinking of me , she was not thinking of how i'd survive . I was in love with her for God's sake. I was ready to fight to do whatever to make sure we had our happily ever after. I resent her for giving up, I begged her not to. I MISS HER.  


      Don't even get me started on Him. Boy am I mad at Him. The pastor said somethings like " It was Her time "   or " God Has a plan" and most painful " She is in a better place" . I mean was that supposed to make me feel better ? Did not Work.
   You know she was the one that got me to go to church. She said her relationship with God kept her strong , and knowing that he was there for her always made her happy.She went on and on about how much he loved her. Well I guess she was wrong. 
   If he loved her so much , why didn't he change her mind , why didn't he stop her from ordering the pills. Why did He allow her to make that decision  and how dare he decide it was time for the woman I love to go, I was not ready , I was not done loving her. Why didn't he cure her . I thought he was always there.   

            I AM PISSED !!!!!!!!


Saturday, May 17, 2014


P.D.A. : public display of affection 
   Growing as children in Nigeria , we learnt that P.D.A (kissing affectionately or just being intimate in public) was a bad thing, a sin in fact , that intimacy itself was something to be hidden , done in the bedroom away from the prying eyes 👀 of the public. Being intimate in public was something only the " bad boys " and " bad girls " did. We were all supposed to pretend people did not kiss or have sex , even talking about it made you bad. You know what people were not ashamed to do in public though FIGHT( that's for another time). 
Our parents were careful not to be too intimate in front of their children so they would not spoil us.  SPOILT : a term used to describe a child who knew what a kiss was and that adults slept with each other. I like many African children born before the millennia and the early 2ks have not seen their parents kiss, not because they don't kiss but because as I said they did not want to spoil us with the idea of a kiss. 
  Remember how you would cover your face with your hands when a kissing scene in a foreign movie came up and how you would look through the hole between your fingers. God forbid your parents saw you watching a kissing scene. I remember once we were watching 13 going 30 the movie , there was a scene where Jennifer Garner fell off a swing onto Mark Ruffalo , at that point my father walked in saw that Scene switched the channel and freaked out. LOL I finally completed that movie years later and it was a really innocent movie. 
  What I want to know was this culture good for us or did it just leave us with a curious mind that was constantly hungry and needed to be fed. Has it caused the total culture shift in Africa now?..........

(Please feel free to comment) .........

Saturday, April 12, 2014



  So "black beauty". I'm not one to talk on the topic of race or racism because I feel sometimes it's overrated, I feel sometimes Africans/blacks take it too seriously, this isn't really a discussion of racism as it is a discussion of race as both parties (black and white ) are guilty of this. 

So I was online browsing and I was looking at some pictures when I saw this picture. Normally I would see something like this and not really be interested, but for some reason I saw this picture today and I thought how wrong. It was a magazine cover ,on it there was a black woman and by her side it said "BLACK BEAUTY". 
This phrase although very generic really is wrong. Now some people would get angry without reading the whole post. 
What I mean , have you ever seen a magazine with a with a white woman on it captioned "WHITE BEAUTY"? We use the phrase like OMG there actually is a beautiful black person, like just get closer and you will see that we are actually beautiful. Black people do this too , thinking that is a kind of statement ,but what they are really saying is , don't feel bad because we are black we really are beautiful and here are some pictures to reassure you of that.
We all know Lupita Nyongo, a really beautiful woman and talented actress who just received a lot of attention for her role in 12 years a slave. She got to meet a lot of people an one thing most white people said was "OMG she has really has beautiful skin",now this is a good compliment and I have no problem with it , it was the way they said it ( try saying it and emphasising on the word skin) like they were surprised that her black skin was beautiful and like it was an amazing thing. They obviously meant well but this is the mistake a lot of people make. It should not be amazing that a black person is beautiful.If you want to make people appreciate our skin why don't you just put a pic of a black woman and caption it beauty not black beauty. 

Monday, March 17, 2014


                                              CAFÉ MYSTÈRE !

It was a cold Sunday afternoon, I had decided to go for a walk when I stumbled upon a new cafe that just opened around the corner, CAFÉ MYSTÈRE the sign said in bold red letters, intriguing I thought to myself what a weird name for a cafe.I decided to pop in order an espresso and just sit there for some minutes.
It was quite small but elegant , you know one of those places where you get a tiny cup of coffee for $10 dollars. As soon as I walked in I knew I was only ordering coffee. It had a few tables , a small couch and two counters (one by the window) I took a seat at one of the tables close to the wall. I guess the best thing about the place was that they had wifi.
I took out my laptop and placed it on the table. Oh did I forget to say , I am a writer , I had been having a hard time coming up with an idea for a new book, that was why I decided to take a walk on a COLD Sunday afternoon I'm not mental.
My espresso came and that was the moment they walked in , four of them , a family a weird family, they took the table across me...................
           TO BE CONTINUED"..............................

Liebster Awards

Woo!!!!!!, woooo!!!!!!!!. So I was nominated for a LIEBSTER award by Thank You for the nomination.
This award is given to new and upcoming bloggers with less than 200 blog followers, it is  a great way to discover new blogs and get to know other bloggers, promoting and supporting upcoming blogs.
The rules are:
You must link the person’s blog who nominated you for the award.
Answer the 11 questions given by the person who nominated you.
Pick an additional 5-11 people to nominate with UNDER 200 blog followers.
You cannot nominate the blogger who nominated you.
You must inform the nominees that have been nominated.

Kazini's questions

1. What do you like most about your blog ?
I guess the fact that it is simply what goes on in my head.

2. What do you hate most about it?
It has so little
3. Which of your posts had the highest stats? Why do you think this was so?
My Women's Day post. I think that's probably because many people (men) were kinda thinking about it too.
4. How many times do you blog per week?
I'm still a bit new so i really don't know.
5. What inspires your posts?
My mind , events , places , people , conversations.
6. What do you like most about my blog? *VANITY*
Takes fan to reduce the flush from blushing
I guess the fact that its not centered on one topic.
7. So far, which has been your favorite post on Kazini Daily?
What valentines should be.
8. Any recommendations, additions/deductions, you would like to see on my blog?
none, yet.
9. Do you ever get a ’blogger’s block ’(my new invented word like a writers block)? How do you deal with this to prevent long hiatus’ from posting to your blog?
I just started blogging and i already do. I write stuff down in my journal but i don't feel like they're goo enough to be posted. I don't know how else to deal with it , but just keep on writing. 
10. How did you feel when you were nominated for Liebster?
Shocked and excited.
11. Do you like this photo? *Ok..ran outta must surely understand how Monday mornings can sometimes be*
What photo?

My Nominees are ;

My questions to the nominees.

1. Why did you start blogging ?
2. What is your most favorite post on your blog ?
3. what inspires you most ?
4. What is your least favorite post on your blog ?
5. What blog do you like to visit most ?
6. What do you enjoy most about blogging ?
7. If you could meet one person in the world , who would it be ?
8. How many times do you check your blog stats ?
9. What do you think of your first post ?
10. What is your blog about to you ?
11. How did you feel when you knew you've been nominated for the Liebster awards ?

Saturday, March 8, 2014


Black Africans in foreign countries 

I was reading Americana recently and I saw something really interesting "the black nod". You know the nod u give when you see an African on the road , I do it , sometimes I even get mad when someone sees me and doesn't nod or acknowledge my nod. Why do we do this?. Really I think it gives us a sense of unity and togetherness, it's like yeah dude I see you and you could see someone a hundred times on the street and never say anything but nod or ask "how far nah"? a question which is never answered with a fine or cool or good but with the same question , the most intimate we get is the handshake with the finger snap at the end. These little things we do kind of says no matter where we came from in Africa we've got each other's backs here , and we've got to stick up for each other, it's a good sentiment but I need someone to answer my greeting.