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  So "black beauty". I'm not one to talk on the topic of race or racism because I feel sometimes it's overrated, I feel sometimes Africans/blacks take it too seriously, this isn't really a discussion of racism as it is a discussion of race as both parties (black and white ) are guilty of this. 

So I was online browsing and I was looking at some pictures when I saw this picture. Normally I would see something like this and not really be interested, but for some reason I saw this picture today and I thought how wrong. It was a magazine cover ,on it there was a black woman and by her side it said "BLACK BEAUTY". 
This phrase although very generic really is wrong. Now some people would get angry without reading the whole post. 
What I mean , have you ever seen a magazine with a with a white woman on it captioned "WHITE BEAUTY"? We use the phrase like OMG there actually is a beautiful black person, like just get closer and you will see tha…