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P.D.A. : public display of affection 
   Growing as children in Nigeria , we learnt that P.D.A (kissing affectionately or just being intimate in public) was a bad thing, a sin in fact , that intimacy itself was something to be hidden , done in the bedroom away from the prying eyes 👀 of the public. Being intimate in public was something only the " bad boys " and " bad girls " did. We were all supposed to pretend people did not kiss or have sex , even talking about it made you bad. You know what people were not ashamed to do in public though FIGHT( that's for another time). 
Our parents were careful not to be too intimate in front of their children so they would not spoil us.  SPOILT : a term used to describe a child who knew what a kiss was and that adults slept with each other. I like many African children born before the millennia and the early 2ks have not seen their parents kiss, not because they don't kiss but because as I said they did not want to spoil…