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HER      The funeral was today . I was expected to show up in front of all those people , cry and look sad while listening to all of them say the same thing over and over , "I'm so sorry for your loss". Sincerely I was not sad , I did not feel like crying and I was not sad . I was angry.
   Is that bad ? I don't care anyway. I am angry at her and angry at God. My sister said it was a stage of grief , screw that I said , I had not gone through any other stage. Why was I angry ? Because We made a promise to each other on our wedding day , we said we were gonna be together forever , this was not forever. We were gonna work hard , have a family , grow old together, then retire and just spend the every moment together. We had a freaking plan, but she gave up. She gave up on our dreams and I think I deserve to be angry.
   When we found out about the cancer , we promised each other we would fight , that whatever it took we were gonna win this thing , we were gonna fight for …